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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 22, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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a some rain blowing into the valley late this afternoon. we'll tell you what you can expect in the coming days. and a local rapper shot and killed at a phoenix strip club, while celebrating his birthday. what police are asking the public's help with. plus a young valley girl is completing a bucket list of things to see before she loses her sight. what she got to do today.
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well, if you were outside this evening and were looking to the south, this was probably hard to miss. a massive dust storm devouring the valley. it came in from the southwest and quickly overtook the east valley as well as parts of phoenix. >> yeah, that was quite a sight to watch, and then the rain came behind it. this was in chandler was drivers were there out braving the wet and muddy roads that. as skyfox moved overhead, we could still see planes landing and taking off at sky harbor airport, and the question was, did our dusty weather have any impact on travel? >> we went out to the airport to talk to travelers there, and fox 10's marcy jones is live with how weather caused problems for a few passengers there.
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the pickup line is moving along nicely now. we saw a couple of people at checkout earlier at 9:00 that were going in to pick up people coming out just now. they are still waiting for delayed, diverted planes to come on in, but as of now everything is moving smoothly. the dust storm advisory expired about three hours ago, but at one point during the height of it visibility reduced t quarter mile, blanketing east valley cities of tempe, chandler, mesa, gilbert and parts of apache junction. we are told by folks at the airport that from 6:08 to 6:23, no flights were coming in or out of sky harbor, with some flights being diverted to las vegas or tuscon. we spoke to a very patient husband who is waiting for his traveling wife who said that he had been waiting for her for almost three hours. >> well, she was supposed to
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charlotte, but it got diverted because of the dust storm and she ended up at tuscon, but she just landed, finally. >> reporter: so you have been here since 5:42? >> i have been, yes. >> reporter: jeez. that's a long time to wait. how did you keep busy? >> i didn't. >> reporter: got to respect his honesty. a little bit earlier, my photographer and i were driving through parts of tempe and mesa, and it was just coming down like cats and dogs, but here at sky harbor ty much the rain. it was really that thick blanket of dust, and it's just too hard for some pilots to see, so they did take precautions, divert and delay those flights, but everything is back up and running smoothly. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. marcy, thanks. and sometimes the issue is not that they can't land right away. it's that they kind of circle waiting to see if that dust will move through, and so they need to go refuel, so they head down to tuscon to do that.
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was on a plane that actually had to do this, had to divert because of the winds. they shifted around so much, a head wind or a tail wind. we came in and took right back off, hung around the west valley until it cleared up, better safe than sorry. >> absolutely, i wouldn't be complaining too much. that is for sure. big question of course is what's next. >> yeah, what do we have in the coming days? let's check in with kristy siefkin with a look at what to expect and if there are any storms on the horizon. >> well, guys, it started to quiet down a little bit tonight. we are still seeing some activity in southeastern arizona. that's dissipated and still a few showers throughout northern arizona. still activity throughout the valley though. take a look at our earlier time-lapse, you'll notice right now quiet through tuscon but pretty strong cells tracking through the northeast. around dinnertime we had a very strong cell moving through the
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otherwise we stay pretty dry. it was the big wall of dust that was the major weather event. in terms of other showers, a heavy poke of rain north of show low, just east of flag a little bit of activity north of 40, and then into northwestern arizona still seeing some showers. this moisture though spilling from the north to the sous south, a little bit of different weather pattern today. along with the wall of rain and dust, gusts of wind, hour near sky harbor, 40 near casa grande. makes sense since we saw all of that movement from southeastern arizona into the central deserts, and we will see more parent changes, i should say, and more about that coming up in just a few minutes. and viewers have been sharing great pictures of the storm on our facebook page. we actually shared this one on our fox 10 facebook page. this was at sky harbor airport as you can tell at the height of
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over the airport. a great photo there from dennis. we appreciate that one. here's one taken by jackie over at tempe town lake. that is incredible. they were out there apparently going fishing and the comment said, probably not the best day to go fishing out at tempe town lake. here's a photo taken earlier, and you can see that dust rolling right over the mountains there. >> people got phenomenal pictures today. >> yeah, they really did, picking up a l there on the ground. and here's one from casa grande that shows the roads as they are about to get blanketed by all of that dust. we have got a couple more to show you, this from one amber lee bailey says when the dust meets the crowd. >> that is spectacular, wow. >> and none of these photos that we are getting are filtered. these are all the real deal here. here's another one from i-10, and boy, those drivers about to get hit pretty hard by that, and
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over south hope mountain high school, about to get hit hard. if you would like to share your videos or pictures with us, put them on our facebook page, fox 10 phoenix, and be sure to like our page as well. developing story here, a shooting happening in gilbert earlier today, police confirm one man is dead. now they say this happened at about 11:30 a.m. near chandler heights road in higley. the two men were got into some sort of fight. when police got there, they say a 41-year-old man was dead and another man in his 20s is suspected of pulling the trigger. police haven't released the name of either man, and they are still investigating exactly what happened here. phoenix police are looking for a suspect in another shooting, this one happened late last night. officers say deshaun mcdonald was celebrating his 26th birthday at the jaguar club
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police say they want anybody with information in this case to please come forward. >> and somebody out there has some cell phone footage, most likely either of the incident before it occurred or after it occurred, that will lend some evidence and some credence to what we are looking into so that we can help identify this suspect or suspects and get them off the street. >> if you have any information, you are asked to call police or silent witness. a rescue off papago mountain this afternoon, and the victim, a 41-year-old man, had been two hours before someone heard him, and it was a hot day out there. this guy is pretty lucky to be found. phoenix fire says the man was free climbing and fell into a crevice. he was alone, couldn't get out, did not have a cell phone. he was stuck there for hours screaming for help before someone close by finally helped him.
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firefighters say they don't have to do this very often. they had to climb to the top of the mountain, use bolts and repel down. they gave the man i.v. fluids and took him to the nearest emergency room. one little goodyear girl got the chance to be a firefighter for a day, all part of her bucket list of things to see before she loses sight. 6-year-old kaylee rare disease that affects her eyes. she could lose her eyesight in the near future, so her family is taking her out to see as much as they can. today she got to be an honorary firefighter. >> just excited and happy that someone in our own community would include kaylee and ask if she would be happy to come down and see all of the fire trucks. goodyear firefighter jason
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story on fox 10. he said he knew he had to do something for the optimistic, always smiling little girl. after the break, you decide 2016, we will bring you the latest from the campaign trail. what has some people asking is donald trump changing his stance on immigration? boy, he is a certain hall of famer, he'll go down as one of the great all time receivers ever, yet, there is something missing from the career of one larry fitzgerald. is this the year that larry gets all the way to a super bowl championship? richard saenz sits down with fitz, and we look at the past, the present, the upcoming future, the upcoming 2016 nfl season. that's not all. plus mike jurecki on the news today. guess what is back on the football field? and is a.s.u. quarterback manny wilkins the front-runner to win the quarterback position for the sun devils this football season. football lead off position, plus
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10:30 tonight.
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with linda williams and marc martinez in hd. there's a lot of speculation that donald trump is switching his stance on illegal immigrants remaining in the country. his new campaign manager responding to a lot of questions about that. >> and hillary clinton's campaign responding to questions as well about what would happen to the clinton foundation if she is elected. >> the talk of the political world today as the week wraps up, or rather as a new week
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trump's turn around. his new campaign manager says they are determining what stance to take on illegal immigrants living in this country. it's important to keep in mind, this is a nonprofit philanthropic organization. 90 percent of the cost of the malaria drugs have come down because of the work of the clinton foundation. there are over 10 million people living around the world today receiving lifesaving hiv aids drug treatment clinton foundation. >> and there you see the foundation taking questions about about what would happen if clinton is elected. they announced earlier this week that if she is elected, they will no longer accept foreign donations and bill clinton will no longer give paid speeches. after a very dusty early evening, things are pretty calm out there, and a chance for more
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workweek. we'll take a full look at your
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with kristy siefkin on fox 10 news. valley, you know. that was a wicked dust storm, as they say. >> it was wicked. you're so bostonian. i love it. and we are talking about marc's flight still. i do not like a bumpy flight. i would not have done well. >> trying to land during this stuff is not fun. at this time of year, you never know. the crews do a great job of getting you out. >> remember, before the change of temperatures, some flights
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land. dust obviously another factor that limits that activity. tonight cooling down nicely, some other temps around the valley already cooler. a little bit breezy though, we see winds kicking up to 15 miles an hour, we were seeing calm readings, just about five miles an hour an hour ago. major picture here, broad brush, seeing relatively dry conditions as we get into the start of the workweek, at least for arizona. the occasional storm may pop up, particularly in the higher terrain, but thi just off the coast is going to move in, and we are actually going to see conditions that dry out and warm up a little bit as we get into the middle of your workweek. as we take a look at futurecast, you'll notice most of the activity we see is scattered into monday evening. we are evening looking at isolated cells for northern arizona into tuesday afternoon, a little bit of activity expected through flagstaff, perhaps sedona, but by wednesday, take a look at this picture, pretty clear, not even
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there. into the 50s for grand canyon, show low, valley numbers pretty fantastic right now, upper 70s for florence, mid-80s for gateway, wickenburg, buckeye. the moisture profile for southern arizona, not even that high, even with the storms we saw rolling through earlier, only in the 50s, 60s, in northern arizona dew points only in the 40s today was very pleasant, actually below the seasonal norm, just above that century mark. record today though 110 degrees. we have been talking about all of the storm damage through parts of louisiana. also, houston seeing some of that, nine inches of rain just outside of houston. more moisture making its way along the gulf coastline tonight and into tomorrow. finally those folks are going to get a little bit of a break, and this cold front, you can see draped across the mid atlantic section of the country, it's
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england, those have pushed offshore as well, which will have a nice cooling effect for that section of the country. tonight's temperatures cooling down to upper 50s for payson, 80s for lake havasu, 60 for grand canyon, 69 for safford, tomorrow triple digits for yuma, lake havasu, bullhead city close to the 100-degree mark, 92 for safford, 78 payson, just below that for window rock. a little bit of cloud cover tonight into tomorrow, looking at a slight chance of activity overnight. like i said, high terrain though the isolated heavy rain, gusty winds, hail for the next few days. for the valley, chance of blowing dust, temperatures right around the 100-degree mark, even as we make our way into the middle of the workweek. kristy, thanks. a year long nasa experiment in hawaii coming to an end, what these scientists have spent the
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six scientists are close t fox 10 news is back. six scientists are close to wrapping up a year of isolation on a mountain in hawaii. >> yeah, and the scientists went through the year with limited resources to try and simulate the conditions that they would experience if they were living on mars. >> they simulated the conditions in mars so that meant that the scientists could only go outside in space suits. they didn't have access to fresh produce and other food available in space. they endured all of this while conducting their research. previous simulations have lasted anywhere from four to eight months. fortunately for them, the simulation ends next week. at the box office, suicide squad finished the weekend number one for a third straigh week. that makes a little more than $20 million. the comedy sausage party finished at number two, war dogs
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budget remake of ben hur only brought in $11 million this
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final look at your forecast coming up. final look at your ten-day, it is looking good guys, triple digits but not too far above the century mark, slight chance of activity the next three days, and then we dry out and warm up a little bit of the. >> sounds good. before you head off to bed, there are a lot of fan favorites, b he returns, there is just something about him. he's got very little swagger but a whole lot of heart. >> people love him. and jude lacava here now with sports night. jude, this is a big deal. >> it is a big deal because we have been waiting most of training camp, marc and christy, for tyran mathieu to get back on the football field. he is back on the football field as you see here. and you're going to hear from him in just a few moments. tyran mathieu, the honey badger,
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first step of his preseason preparation. if i told you richard saenz was going one on one with larry fitzgerald about his career, his time with the cardinals and hopes for the year, would you stick around for the conversation? larry fitzgerald on sports night tonight. plus, is manny wilkins the guy that will be the starting quarterback for the sun devil football team? we have got reason to believe that might, might be the case,
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